• Snowmobile Vermont

Our guides make your snowmobile experience special!

Meet Kee, one of our dedicated guides in Stowe, Vermont.

This is Kee's 2nd season guiding, and he really enjoys the experience of taking people out and riding snowmobiles with them.

"Starting off in a practice field, and being nervous, and going 8 miles an hour, and then after riding for miles, and coming back in, and having ridden up to 20-25 miles an hour on trails, and coming back in feeling like, 'I'm not ready to stop.' That's what I like. I like that feeling at the end."

All of our guides are committed to making sure you have a great time on the trails, and it shows. If you've never ridden on a snowmobile before, they're going to take great care of you - showing you everything you need to know and going at a pace that makes you comfortable. If you have ridden before, they're happy to step things up a bit and get you out where you can "open it up" a bit and satisfy that need for speed. Either way, your safety, satisfaction and comfort is always our first priority.

Come take an exhilarating snowmobile ride with us!

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