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Take Your Team on a Tour! Company Outings with Snowmobile Vermont

“A team that plays together, stays together!”

Are you looking for a way to motivate your employees, reward them for a job well done, and encourage team building, trust and communication? Consider a team snowmobile tour at one of our four beautiful Vermont locations! This unique and exciting adventure could be just the corporate retreat your organization needs to get to the next level.

Company outings are a great way to re-energize your team, encourage collaboration across departments, and strengthen bonds - and trust - between team members. Getting away from the daily grind of deadlines and other work-related stresses helps give everyone a chance to unwind and discover more about one another. A change of scenery could even trigger the next great idea to help your business succeed!

Corporate retreat outings snowmobile tours

Team experiences like our snowmobile tours often result in a group returning to the office recharged and ready to work together toward achieving their goals with a better understanding of one another and a new perspective on their shared challenges. Companies with high engagement levels from employees see higher increases in sales and profits. Refreshing outings are a proven way to increase employee engagement, as staff members feel nurtured and develop a greater sense of belonging within the organization. As a business owner or HR director, you can take advantage of these principles to ensure your staff feel rewarded and motivated. We see a lot of smiles here at Snowmobile Vermont, so we’re sure we can add to your team’s overall happiness and satisfaction!

Our snowmobile tours offer exhilaration and relaxation in a truly beautiful setting. We can provide everything you need for your team to enjoy some time in the snow together. Our tour guides are knowledgeable and friendly and will make sure everyone in the group has the information they need to have a safe and enjoyable tour. We provide boots and helmets (and snowsuits if needed) to keep everyone comfortable and protected from the elements. Our new high-tech Polaris snowmobiles are easy and safe to use for individuals of all ages.

Vermont snowmobile tours for company groups

We can work with you to customize your tour to include time for team building exercises and games if you’d like, or you can allow extra time for socializing around a fire with a hot mug of cider after your tour. We can even arrange for catering and entertainment to make your experience extra special - we’ve collaborated with companies in the past to include pig roasts and live music to make their outing a truly memorable experience. If you can imagine it, we can help make it happen.

Let our team help strengthen yours - contact us to learn how your team can have an exciting winter adventure together with Snowmobile Vermont!

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